About PlayFITT

PlayFITT runs two game-based summer camp programs each year: 

Ages 4-7 FUN Junior Camp

Ages 7-12 Multi-Sport Camp


Our programming keeps kids active all day and sends them home tired!


Our camp programs allow each kid to work at their own level, challenge themselves, have fun and stay active! Included in each week of camp are sports like soccer, ultimate and football, as well as activities, such as trail running, map reading, and obstacle course running.

Our staff are dedicated to making sure your kids get enough play-based, skill developing physical activity each and every day they spend with us at camp!

Multi-Sport Camp

At our Multi-Sport Camp we use games to develop skills such as speed, agility and balance as well as foster resilience, camaraderie, and a love for the outdoors. From speed games and field sports through to scavenger hunts and obstacle course running, kids will be developing fundamental movement skills without knowing it!

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Junior Camp

Junior Camp specializes in developing physical literacy for kids between 4 and 7 years old.  Physical literacy develops the skills that build confidence and physical competence that allows for happy participation in physical activity for life.

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Golf Camp

In 2022 Golf Camps are being run by Duntroon Highlands Golf NEW Head Pro, Ryan Jackson in conjunction with PlayFITT multi-sport camp.